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Carville: Blaming Bush Hurting Democrats

Democrats Next Campaign Strategy?

Yes, you read the headline correctly. It is not opinion, it is fact. So says Democracy Corps — or is that corpse? — the polling arm of uber-Democrat operative James Carville.

Democracy Corps reports that in their tests of various campaign themes, the “Blame Bush” strategy caused a net 2% shift… to Republicans.

Here are two quotes from focus group respondents:

I was doing a heckavah lot better under Bush.”

“Who wouldn’t want to go back to 6 or 8 years ago?  There was less unemployment back then.  I’d rather go back.  I’d go back to 8 years ago.  I would rather go backwards than forwards right now.”

It appears the “go forward, not backward” message is interpreted as “we Democrats will deliver more of the same”. With unemployment at 9.6% and underemployment at 17.4% , Obamanomics is not exactly selling like iPads.

What to do if you are the party promoting to stay the course in bad economic times? 

Blame the Chamber of Commerce, of course.

Everyone knows that all those small-town shopowners are just greedy Satanists plotting to screw their fellow man out of his job, home and last dollar. Yeah, that’s great for business!

Why didn’t the White House “Brain Trust” think of that sooner? Good move, Mr. Axlerod. You are a political genius.

As Bob Schieffer said to Axelrod on CBS News “Face the Nation”: “Is that the best you can do?”

Not really, Bob. The next move is to unleash the South Park Strategy… and “Blame Canada”.

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WARNING — This video contains profanity

South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut / “Blame Canada”


Dems Got That Sinking Feeling… and a Monty Python Video

The New York Times has proof that presidential political adviser David Axelrod can read polling data afterall.

President Obama told nine nervous Democrat congressional candidates at a White House meeting that he would stay out of their districts if they think that will help their election efforts. At this point, it couldn’t hurt.

Democrats are losing public support faster than the Black Knight lost limbs to King Arthur. Polls by Quinnipiac, CNN, Reuters and Fox News all show the GOP leading in the “generic ballot” race from +2 to +11% among registered voters. A recent Rasmussen Reports poll has the GOP +10% among likely voters.

The president’s approval rating is also plummeting. A July 2009 CBS News/New York Times poll found 58% approval versus 30% disapproval for Obama. Oh what a difference a year can make. A July 2010 Rasmussen Reports poll turned those results upside down — 44% approval versus 55% disapproval. 

But what’s really getting the goat of Democrat candidates is the president’s refusal to shake the money tree for them. As the Times reports:

But several Democratic candidates and party leaders said in interviews that they were not sure Mr. Obama’s political operation was focused on the 2010 fight, and they questioned whether the president sees himself as the head of the party.

A huge database of people who supported Mr. Obama’s presidential bid remains off-limits to other Democrats, unless special exceptions are made.

Now they get it? Team Obama is focused on 2012. Axelrod and company’s jobs depend on getting Barack Obama reelected — not congressman from flyover country. No wonder they are abandoning ship.

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Monty Python & The Holy Grail: Black Knight (graphic violence)