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Landrieu Makes Obama Cry ‘Uncle’ on Drilling Moratorium

She is One Scary Senator

Politico reports that the Obama Administration ended the offshore drilling ban “a month early”.

Although this is good news for Gulf State economies, don’t be fooled into thinking their suffering prompted President Obama to proper action.

No, good old-fashioned backroom politics got it done. Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) placed a “hold” on the nomination of Jack Lew as director of the White House Office of Management and Budget. The action effectively held the nomination hostage until Landrieu relented.

In other words, she threw a senatorial hissy. And, more importantly, Obama caved.

Is it any wonder Ahmadinejad and Kim aren’t persuaded by Obama’s tough talk? If you can’t move Mary Landrieu off a dime, well… where are you really?

But, back to the drilling ban. As Ed Morrissey writes at Hot Air:

A month early? Try at least two months too late. A study conducted by Barack Obama’s own hand-picked commission showed that not only was the blanket moratorium no longer needed, it was never necessary in the first place.  (emphasis added)

This presidential decision had nothing to do protecting the environment. While the drilling moratorium was in place, the Obama Administration approved a $1 billion loan to Mexico for expanded operations in the Gulf. 

If the administration was so concerned with potential ecological damage, why was it permissible for Mexico to expand drilling operations in the same body of water? Does Mexican crude oil not stick to water fowl, kill fish or pollute beaches? Of course, it does. 

The offshore drilling ban was pure leftist politics on a number of levels. First, the ban was an obvious sop to environmentalist groups who questioned Obama’s commitment to the cause. Second, the moratorium was a “dead fish” message sent to the oil companies. And third, the action was based on the wealth redistribution dogma central to Obama’s political ideology.

All of that was certainly much more important to Obama than the jobs of 10,000 Americans. Aren’t those the same American workers Democrats always claim to protect? Oh well, the ends justify the means, right?

What delicious irony that the whole plan was brought down by bare-knuckled politics as practiced by a liberal Democrat who benefits from oil industry campaign donations.

That President Obama sure has them all shaking in their boots.

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Democrats at War… with Each Other

Gunning for Each Other

No doubt about it, Americans are angry.  And, the anger is not exclusive to political right.

The liberal media reports breathlessly and incessantly on the battle among Republicans between “Tea Party Patriots” and the “GOP Establishment”.

What the media has avoided analyzing… naturally… is the growing and evident divide in the Democrat Party.

Here are a several examples:

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs reacted strongly against criticism from those he termed “the professional left”.  Gibbs told The Hill website, “Those people ought to be drug tested.”

(Despite the truth of Gibbs’ statement, is it wise to call your political base stoners?)

Obama chief-of-staff Rahm Emmanuel, not to be outdone by a mere PR hack, called and other lefty groups “f—ing retarded” for running ads against administration-supported Democrats.

(Temper, temper Rahm.)

New York Times uber-liberal columnist Maureen Dowd slammed President Obama as “an elitist and situationist.” 

(Poor Maureen has only become more unhinged since Bush and Cheney left Washington.  And, who thought that was possible?)

Labor unions and environmentalists strongly backed Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter (D-AR) for nomination against Obama-supported incumbent Senator Blanche Lincoln (D-AR).  Lincoln barely survived the primary challenge.

(In other words: No Card Check – No Love.)

The White House tried to buy off Representative Joe Sestak (D-PA) to avoid a primary challenge to party-switching octogenarian Senator Arlen Specter (D/R/D-PA).  Sestak rejected the bribe and easily bested Specter.

(Moral: Never borrow another kid’s pudding spoon.)

So-called conservative Blue Dog Democrats loudly lobbied for a pre-election vote on extending the Bush Tax Cuts to help their slim re-election chances.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid used their powerful positions to prevent such heresy to liberal ideology.

(See what that “Yes” vote on ObamaCare got ya?

The Congressional Black Caucus is feeling unloved by a mostly-white Democrat leadership that keeps investigating them for ethics violations. 

(Now how are Democrats supposed to play the Race Card?)

And, just this week Obama political adviser David Axlerod had a testy conference call with lefty bloggers.  Crooks and Liars blogger Susan Madrak accused the Obama Administration of “hippie punching”.  Added Madrak of lib bloggers in general:

We’re the girl you’ll take under the bleachers but you won’t be seen with in the light of day.

(There are at least one hundred jokes there… and as tempting as it is… I will let them go.)

Imagine Obama and the Democrats losing the Daily Kos and Firedoglake crowd.  Can a Nader/Kucinich 2012 third-party ticket be just around the corner?

Sometimes the stories they don’t focus on are the really important ones.

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