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The Pledge to America is a Good Start


Thomas Jefferson is renowned for his eloquent and powerful writing, especially the Declaration of Independence.  What is less well known is that after submitting his draft, Jefferson spent several very frustrating days watching the delegates revise it.

The best prose in the world rarely survives review by committee unscathed.  Can there be any doubt that the Pledge to America met the same fate?

Some conservatives criticized the Pledge for what it omits.  Truthfully, the document is rather light on social issues.  One can assume without much risk that this resulted because Republicans wanted some semblance of unanimity from their candidates.

The delegates that approved the Declaration of Independence were looking for the same result.  They wanted a document that could be widely supported.

Watch the video about the Preamble to the Pledge.  Those words could easily have been spoken by Ronald Reagan… and he was definitely not a RINO.

The Pledge to America contains many actions that conservatives can fully support.  Here are several examples:

  • Repealing ObamaCare
  • Extending the Bush Tax Cuts
  • Cutting Federal Spending to pre-recession levels
  • Freezing Federal hiring
  • Stop stimulus spending
  • Ban all Federal abortion funding
  • Stricter enforcement of immigration law
  • Constitutional justification for all legislation
  • Ending the practice of adding unrelated amendments to budget legislation
  • Putting all bills online – and making them available to legislators – a minimum of 72 hours before a vote

The Declaration of Independence did not plan the Revolution or create a new government.  It was not written for those purposes.  The Declaration was a document to kick-start the process of real change.  The Pledge for America has the same opportunity.

Republicans may very well capture both chambers of Congress in November.  Their post-election fate is tied directly to enactment of the Pledge.  They have set the bar for themselves.  Now they have to rise to it.

The battle is to derail Obamaism – a radical leftist drive to change the fundamental relationship between the American government and the American people.  A majority of Americans do not approve of Obamaism.  This is a framework for fighting that effort.

Where is the Democrat manifesto?  What do they offer besides failure?

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Written by kensten

09/24/2010 at 7:56 pm

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