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Krauthammer to Tea Party: “My Bad”

Krauthammer Hits the Reset Button

In an earlier post, I stated that Charles Krauthammer was becoming my favorite conservative columnist.  The man has a knack for well-written political criticism.  And, since his favorite target is liberalism, he’s had plenty of grist for my mill.

However, I thought his on-air comments about the Christine O’Donnell Senate candidacy in Delaware were over the line.  If the desired result is to derail Obamaism, then how does attacking the Republican nominee help that effort?  O’Donnell may win, she may not.  Isn’t the point to support the conservative in the race?  And, that sure isn’t Chris Coons.

Mr. Krauthammer has made a mea culpa of sorts.

His Washington Post column includes the following comments about the Tea Party movement:

…it planted its flag within the party and, with its remarkable energy, created the enthusiasm gap. Such gaps are measurable. This one is a chasm. This year’s turnout for the Democratic primaries (as a percentage of eligible voters) was the lowest ever recorded. Republican turnout was the highest since 1970.

the Tea Party contribution is a large net plus, with its support for such strong candidates as Marco Rubio of Florida, Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, Joe Miller of Alaska, Mike Lee of Utah.  All this is in addition to the significant Tea Party contribution to the tide that will carry dozens of Republicans into the House.

…the electorate supports by 2-to-1 the Tea Party signature issues of smaller government and lower taxes.

Krauthammer recognizes that the Tea Party has created enthusiasm for conservatism and may lead to the eventual rejection and repealing of the leftist Obama agenda.  I think he always did.

He just needed to remind himself that the real fight is with the left – not within the right.

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Written by kensten

09/24/2010 at 5:58 pm

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