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Year of the Sore Loser?

Crist, Murkowski and Castle

2010 may prove to be the “Year of the Red Tsunami”.  It may also be remembered as the “Year of the Sore Loser”.

Florida Governor Charlie Crist (R-FL) started the ball rolling.  Facing sure defeat in the state’s Republican Senate primary at the hands of State Representative Marco Rubio, he bolted to run as an “independent”.

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) lost a close primary contest to newcomer Joe Miller.  Murkowski dallied with obtaining the Libertarian ballot line, but they saw the tawdry nature of such a deal and demurred.  Murkowski is now running as a write-in candidate, although her campaign cannot spell her name correctly.

Despite the vehement opposition of the state party organization, challenger Christine O’Donnell routed Delaware Congressman Mike Castle (R-DE).  Castle has refused to endorse the victor and campaign staffers say the congressman is considering a write-in challenge as well.

The common thread among these sore losers is not ideology.  It is arrogance.

All three saw their primary contests as a minor hurdle on the way to their coronations.  The political insiders anointed all three as prohibitive favorites.  All three believed their own press clippings.

Crist believed himself invincible and so made deals with Florida’s Democrat legislative leaders against his own party caucus.  Murkowski ignored Miller and Alaska’s rising frustration with Republican “family politics”.  Castle was simply too liberal for Delaware’s Republican base. 

Murkowski and Castle appeared stunned by their losses.  Crist is merely a shameless political chameleon.

Politicians act this way when they feel entitled to lead – when they believe the power resides within them personally and not with the public.  Republicans in Florida, Alaska and Delaware proved the danger of that notion.

It appears that in several weeks, many incumbent Democrats will receive the same blunt message.

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Written by kensten

09/23/2010 at 7:06 pm

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