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Obama: Yes We Can Absorb Another 9/11 Attack

Not Ready for Prime Time

President Barack Obama sat down with author Bob Woodward to provide insight for Woodward’s upcoming book, Obama’s Wars.  In excerpts published by the Washington Post, Obama said: 

“We can absorb a terrorist attack. We’ll do everything we can to prevent it, but even a 9/11, even the biggest attack ever… we absorbed it and we are even stronger.” 

This statement speaks volumes about the incompetence of the current commander-in-chief.  It is obvious from the statement that the president does not see terrorism as a serious threat.  Not because terrorists cannot deliver a major blow, but because whatever they may accomplish will not be a big deal – even if 3,000 Americans are murdered. 

This really begs the more important question: What will Obama do about another terrorist attack? 

Judging by his statement, the president’s response to such an attack will seemingly be: “So what?” 

That is a rather cavalier mindset for the man whose primary responsibility is national defense.  The vast majority of Americans would passionately reject such a response. 

This is more than merely disappointing.  It is indicative of Obama’s lack of understanding of today’s realpolitik.  Obama sees the world as he wishes it to be.  People like Putin, Kim and Ahmadinejiad see the world  as it is.  They operate in the real world, not the utopian fantasy that is ObamaWorld.  Their weapons are real and can’t be lectured away by Professor Hope and Change.  

Can there be any doubt as to why China, Russia, North Korea and Iran are undeterred by Obama’s many verbal warnings? 

Can we expect al-Qaeda, Hamas or Hezbollah to fear the United States while Obama is president? 

All of the excerpts from the Woodward book indicate Obama is very uncomfortable with military matters.  His education in far-left political theory places him squarely in knee-jerk anti-military mode.  There are numerous examples of Obama ignoring Pentagon advice in lieu of those warning of domestic political consequences.  That is his prerogative as commander-in-chief.  However, Obama is playing a very dangerous game.  With each passing day, he proves he is ill equipped for real world challenges. 

Book excerpts are selected for their controversy quotient.  Drumming up sales of non-fiction hardcover tomes is difficult without a powerful hook.  The fact that this quote was included indicates that even Bob Woodward and the Washington Post found Obama’s statement unsettling. 

It is one thing to think of 3,000 murdered Americans as an acceptable loss… or even to believe it.  It is amazingly naive and irresponsible to state it to the world. 

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Written by kensten

09/23/2010 at 8:22 pm

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