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Jimmy Carter: Our Superior Ex-President

Every Crackpot Needs a Friend

Ex-President Jimmy Carter (D-GA) wants America to know that he is still around. And, in case you forgot, he’s our most important living former president.  At least he waited for Ronald Reagan (R-CA) to pass on before elevating himself. 

Carter told Brian Williams of NBC News

I feel that my role as a former president is probably superior to that of other presidents. 

Jimmy Carter is such a Democrat icon that no one in his party ever asks him to campaign for them.  Of course, Barack Obama knows how Jimmy feels.  Obama is just hopeful that he won’t spend thirty years in the wilderness as Carter has. 

Jimmy Carter is the poster boy for presidential incompetence.  Even the liberal media gave him a hard time while in office. Remember “malaise”?  The Cardigan Sweater Strategy to combat the energy crisis? The White House tennis court schedule?  The 1980 Summer Olympics Boycott?  High unemployment and high inflation? The Misery Index?  Human Rights Foreign Policy?  The Iranian Hostage Crisis?  The failed hostage rescue? 

Geez, even Reagan would have a drink with Speaker Thomas “Tip” O’Neil (D-MA) every once in a while. But, not Carter. He was, well… superior.  Many fellow Democrats hated him. Ted Kennedy and Jerry Brown ran against him for the presidential nomination. Ironically, many commented on his superior attitude. 

He started as the Great Hope to reform politics after the Watergate scandal.  The media gushed that the Georgia peanut farmer was the outsider who would change politics.  And honestly, Carter did change American politics.  

It is indisputable that Jimmy Carter’s one-term presidency made Ronald Reagan’s 1980 landslide election a sure thing.  And, Carter never saw it coming.  Or, felt the drubbing was deserved.  President Obama should take notice.

Carter has primarily spent his post-White House years supporting Habitat for Humanity… Hamas, Yasser Arafat, Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Global Warming, the United Nations, and on and on and on. If he had just stuck with Habitat for Humanity. In Carter’s mind, this makes up for his dismal term in office.

I am not surprised that Carter believes he is the “superior” living ex-president.  But, someone should tell him that he is the only one who thinks so. Seriously, even Rosalynn Carter probably has her doubts.

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