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Great Recession Already Over… Stimulus was a Total Waste

Who Are They Trying to Fool?

More confirmation that Obamanomics is a total failure.

Not only did the chief architect Christine Romer have no idea what was going on or how to deal with the economy. But, the stimulus was totally unnecessary.

Why do I say that?

A group of elite economists, the National Bureau of Economic Researchannounced today (Monday, September 20, 2010) that the Great Recession ended in June… of 2009!

Did I miss the president pictured in front of a “Mission Accomplished” banner?

This is beyond brazen. First, Vice President Joe Biden christened this “Recovery Summer”. Then President Barack Obama announced the economy had turned a corner. Now we learn it was all unnecessary.

Why didn’t the smartest people in the world — at least that’s who the media told us inhabited the White House’s West Wing — tell the President? Why didn’t Christine Romer notice? Why didn’t the New York Times tell us — or other media outlets? Wasn’t that news fit to print?

The answer is simple: It just ain’t so. The Great Recession is rolling right along made worse by government incompetence.

Look around your community. Record unemployment, record foreclosures and record deficits. Now go out and tell your neighbors that Happy Days are Here Again. Pay no attention to the men in the white jackets with the nets.

Yet, we did learn one thing from these economic geniuses.

Now I understand why the media reports that every new piece of bad economic news is “unexpected”.

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