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Obama in the Media Shark Circle

Blood in the Water

 How can you tell when things in politics are really bad?  

If you are a Democrat, it isn’t a public scandal, indictment or even bad poll results.  No, things are really bad when the liberal media turns on you.  

Case in point: Howard Fineman of Newsweek filed a pre-mortem piece titled “What Went Wrong?”. Yes, sixty days before the midterm elections, and Fineman is explaining why the Dems will lose. And, he ain’t blaming it on Republicans.  

That’s pretty gutsy for a magazine that sold for a measly dollar. Not per copy… for the whole operation!  

Fineman isn’t alone. After all, one shark does not a circle make.  

Time‘s Jay Newton-Small wonders where Obama’s “army of activists” has gone.  She found no enthusiasm among administration types for calling their liberal brothers and sisters to arms. So, they let Organizing for America crumble.  

What an ironic result for the world’s most famous community organizer.  

In an earlier article, Time colleague Mark Halperin detailed how the Obama Administration and the Democrat congressional leadership blew it and helped create the upcoming GOP tsunami.  

Halperin didn’t report some of the more pertinent information he learned on the campaign trail covering then-candidate Barack Obama. Instead, he released it in his book, “Game Change”, AFTER the election.  

Thanks for nothing, Mark. Perhaps, he is trying to make amends by being ahead of the curve now.  

Other examples…  

Ed Hornick of CNN reports that some liberal political insiders believe Obama’s message is becoming incoherent. Becoming?  

Uber-liberal New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd wrote:  

President Obama is testing how elastic he can be, how much realism he can have before he betrays his idealism. For better and worse, he is an elitist and a situationist.  

Two-plus years ago, the liberal media was absolutely smitten with Barack Obama. Now, not so much. 

Welcome to America: Land of Buyer’s Remorse.

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