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Charlie Crist: Candidate Adrift

Whichever Way the Wind Blows

Governor Charlie Crist (R-FL) is a candidate without a party. And, a politician of the most venal nature.

Crist is a true Republican in name only. Not because of any political beliefs… in fact, Crist seems to have only one overriding political belief… that he should be a United States Senator.

Crist was elected Governor as a Republican and actually governed as one for a short time. With the ascent of Barack Obama to the presidency, Crist’s pointer finger detected a leftward breeze in the political atmosphere. So, Captain Charlie tacked left. For example, he spoke out in favor of the $787 billion Obama stimulus in hopes of gathering more than his fair share of the treasure. After all, Charlie’s no fool.

Ignoring the time-honored advice to “dance with the one that brung ya”, Crist threw his former GOP colleagues overboard in a quest to ride the new wave.

Governor “Orange Glow” figured his newfound friends in the administration and media would propel him all the way to Washington DC. But, a funny thing happened on the way to the Capitol. The political wind had shifted only temporarily and began to blow anew… towards the right.

But, Charlie was enjoying the attention too much to notice that his constituents were growing uneasy with Hope and Change. Crist didn’t see the coming political storms at his back.

Enter State Representative Marco Rubio, a young Hispanic conservative and former Speaker of the Florida House. Rubio saw the dark clouds heading ashore. He was well placed to get in front of them. So, Rubio announced his candidacy for the GOP nomination for US Senator.

Crist made deals with Democrat statehouse leaders, especially on education reform, and hung his own party out to dry. Charlie didn’t need them. Charlie had new friends.

That is until the polls showed Rubio leading Crist among Republican voters. It seems the base was fed up with Captain Charlie’s shenanigans. And then Rubio became a darling of Florida’s Tea Party activists. The Rubio convoy pulled out to sea and left Crist in its wake.

Rather than face a humiliating primary defeat, Crist became an independent. The label was one of convenience. His general election hopes were buoyed by his new Democrat friend’s assurances that they were really with him. He had done well by them and they wouldn’t forget Good Ol’ Charlie. Crist even hinted that he might caucus with the Dems when he was elected.

But, political fortune has a way a hitting you upside the head with a heavy oar every now and then. Captain Charlie was not immune.

Despite gloomy media predictions to the contrary, State Senator Kendrick Meek handily won the Democrat nomination for US Senator. Meeks consistently polled third behind Rubio and Crist. But, Meek has been a loyal liberal soldier for the Democrats. Besides, Captain Charlie’s numbers have begun dropping in line with his benefactor in DC. The Democrat party establishment is now fully behind Meek.

And, that has sent Crist’s chances spiraling down towards Davy Jones Locker.

Recent polls now show Crist in third… and Rubio still in the lead.

Sorry Charlie. It couldn’t have happened to a more venal politician.

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Written by kensten

08/29/2010 at 11:55 pm

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