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Captain Kerry Runs Aground

Captain John F. Kerry: Reporting for Rhode Island

Senator John F. Kerry (D-MA), who served in Vietnam (or was it Cambodia?), steered his new yacht into rocky waters. Recalling his experiences as a Swift Boat captain, Kerry ordered a hasty retreat in a vain attempt to save himself.

Only this time no medal will be issued.

Kerry purchased a new yacht, the Isabel, for a reported $7 million. See the Obama stimulus worked — banks are making loans again! I wonder if he got special financing from Countrywide?

However, the haughty — and ungodly rich — Yankee wasn’t too keen on paying his “fair share” of taxes on the purchase.  So, as the Boston Herald reported, Senator Holier-Than-Thou decided to berth his new 75-foot long toy in neighboring Rhode Island — to avoid Massachusetts’ $437,500 tax bill on Teresa’s (and you better pronounce that Ter-a-za) new bauble.

What happened to the Dems’ “paying higher taxes is patriotic” theme? I guess they’re all for taxing yachts, as long as they can avoid paying it. You may recall, it was the Democrat’s soak the rich yacht tax strategy that sank the American yacht building industry throwing thousands of well-paid craftsmen out of work. An ironic result being Kerry’s luxury yacht was built in New Zealand!

After being harassed and finally cornered by the Boston press, Kerry explained it was all a silly misunderstanding. Of course he was going to pay his home state’s tax. Never any doubt about it.

Yeah, just like Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and Congressman Charlie Rangel (D-NY) paid their taxes too.

And to think, this brainiac wondered how he could lose to Dubya. The better question is how did this schmuck get nominated in the first place.

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Written by kensten

07/30/2010 at 11:27 pm

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