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JournoList Scandal Widens

JounoList: Tne Proof is in the Posting

File this whole mess under “Liberal Media Gone Wild”.  Tucker Carlson and The Daily Caller are all over the sordid JournoList tale of liberal media coordination.

Conservatives instinctively see the bias inherent in media coverage. For years, Rush Limbaugh has played “audio montages” of liberal media types repeating the same catch-phrases and talking points in their reporting. But, when conservatives claimed collusion, we were told to remove our tin-foil hats and quit being paranoid.

JournoList was a “listserv” — sort of a e-mail chat room — for liberal media members. Ostensibly a place to network, it was used by many members as a platform to vent and plot against conservatives.

Carlson has their posts to each other discussing how to direct reporting away from topics that damage Democrats and calling on each other to attack Republicans. The Daily Caller has examples of reporting published after the JournoList “calls to action” showing just how successful the effort was.

We always knew the media was in the tank. Now we can show the squishes the proof — in the liberal media’s own words.


Written by kensten

07/24/2010 at 12:00 pm

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