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Chris Christie is ‘Da Bomb’

Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ)

Whatever the topic — property taxes, public employee unions or a liberal press — Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) speaks his mind.  It is very refreshing to watch an elected official speak without spinning his views.  The fact that Christie is a conservative in a Blue State makes such opportunities absolutely irresistable. 

Christie defeated incumbent governor Jon Corzine in November 2009 in a landslide.  Christie said he would push for a statewide property tax cap, cut government spending and ask public emplyee unions to pay for a portion of their benefits. 

Despite facing a Democrat-controlled state legislature, Christie has surprised his detractors by riding a wave of public popularity to multiple victories.  Even the New York Times noticed: 

(Christie) confronted the powerful public employees’ unions and won, cutting future pensions and benefits, and persuaded voters to defeat hundreds of local school budgets. He got nearly everything he wanted in the state budget, making the deepest cuts in generations. And the Assembly is expected this week to give final passage to one of his cherished goals: a cap on local property taxes.

 The Times even slips by giving Republicans a look into the Christie “Playbook for Success”: 

The recession, rising taxes and New Jersey’s perilous financial situation give persuasive power to the call to rein in government, and give Democrats who might disagree little room to maneuver.   

Imagine that!  You mean the public wants to rein in government?  And, that support provides no wiggle room for Dems?  Now that’s something for Republican Party officials to ponder.

Christie ran as an unabashed conservative and is governing as one.  Forget “Democrats Lite”.  This guy is in New Jersey!  If he can make it there, the GOP can make it anywhere.

More from the Times:   

From the start, the governor served notice that he saw the public employees’ unions as a central part of the state’s problems, and that he meant to take them on. His first day in office, he signed an executive order, later struck down in court, to limit their ability to finance campaigns. The first bills he signed limited spending on pensions and benefits. He relished months of verbal sparring with the teachers’ union, and analysts say he got the upper hand.

Check out these video samples of Chris Christie at work.  They’re enough to make a conservative optimistic about the future.

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