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Them Chickens Ain’t Hatched Yet

Tired of playing nice. (AP)

Political junkies… yours truly included… typically find presidential politics irresistible.  We wouldn’t mind talking/blogging about it 24/7/365.  However, the thought occurs that right now is not the time to start fighting the Republican presidential primaries.

An anonymous Mitt Romney “adviser” told Time that Sarah Palinis not a serious human being”.  Another anonymous Romney “intimate” told the magazine:

If (Palin is) standing up there in a debate and the answers are more than 15 seconds long, she’s in trouble.

The quotes were designed to generate press interest.  And, they did. 

They also generated a response from an anonymous Palin aide via Politico:

You’d think we’d all be working together toward a common goal — that being 2010 — and that should be the focus right now.

Totally correct and well said.  But, the anonymous aide just couldn’t resist ignoring their own good advice:

(Palin is) not a finger-in-the-wind kind of leader. She is supporting candidates who share her common sense values.  When you have a team of consultants and strategists that big it’s hard to control.

Thus begins Campaign 2012.

The problem of course is that Campaign 2010 isn’t over yet.  Yes, the polls all look good.  Even Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs openly admits the Dem House majority is at stake in November.  But, it would be seriously premature to count the victory chickens before the voter’s lay the eggs.

Let’s get the job done in November.  There will be plenty of time to engage in spirited political battle after that.

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