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The Return of Bubba

Bubba on the campaign trail. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Amid plunging poll numbers and the failure of “Recovery Summer”, President Obama has called upon a certain predecessor to throw him a political lifeline.  Campaign 2010 has now become: The Return of Bubba.

Under the guise of a meeting to discuss energy efficiency, former President Bill Clinton (D-AR) was invited to a face-to-face Oval Office meeting.  Given the past Obama and Clinton share, the meeting had to be somewhat humiliating for the president… the current one. 

As the UK’s The Telegraph reports:

It is a dramatic transformation from the hostilities of 2008 when Mr. Clinton was often reduced to red-faced rants as an unbridled cheerleader for his wife Hillary in her acrimonious battle with Mr. Obama for the Democratic nomination.

As The Sunday Telegraph revealed the former president was so furious with the way that he was portrayed by the rival camp, particularly his belief that that they had portrayed him as racist, that he told friends that Mr. Obama could “kiss my ass” in return for his support.

Mr. Obama for his part ran his campaign against Mrs. Clinton on the mantra that he was overturning “politics as usual” – a barely-veiled dig at the Clintonian style of operations.

But, getting in bed with Bubba has drawbacks… besides the bedbugs.

The Clinton brand has historically been viewed as a mixed blessing by many Democrats. But if the former president and his team ride to the rescue this autumn, it could set the stage for yet another saga in the seemingly never-ending Clinton political psycho-drama.

For among family loyalists, there is still the hope that if Mr. Obama looks like becoming a one-term liability, the party may yet ditch him for a more experienced candidate for the next presidential campaign – Hillary 2012.

The next chapter of the Bill Clinton saga is being written.  Will it be entitled: “Barry We Hardly Knew Ye”?

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