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Politico: Obama Losing by Winning

President Obama gives America a pep talk on Obamanomics.

I’ve heard liberals tie themselves into Gordian knots of illogic before, but John Harris and Jim Vandehei at Politico raised the bar with a recent analysis piece. 

It turns out that President Obama is losing the public… and other Dems… with all his political accomplishments.  Yes, Mr. Obama is “losing” by “winning”.

Having moved swiftly toward achieving the very policy objectives he promised voters as a candidate, Obama is still widely perceived as flirting with a failed presidency. (emphasis added)

Well, I wouldn’t say “perceived”.  Ask the millions of unemployed if their perception of Obamanomics is just a feeling.  A review of leading economic indicators should convince all but the most ideologically blinded that Obamanomics is damaging — not helping – the American economy.

And as for “flirting”.  That implies potential success or an unfulfilled promise.  I’d say the Failure Train arrived at the station and is taking on passengers.

The problem is that he and his West Wing turn out to be not especially good at politics or communications — in other words, largely ineffective at the very things on which their campaign reputation was built. And the promises he made in two years of campaigning turn out to be much less appealing as actual policies.

Wait a dadgum minute!  Your reporting on the campaign built that false reputation!  You legacy media smarty pants told us dimwitted yokels that Barack Obama was an even better communicator than Ronald Reagan.  His campaign proved it, you said.  Now you tell us you were wrong?

Obama sees himself as a different kind of Democrat, one who transcends ideology but is basically a centrist. By some measures, his self-image fits.

A centrist?  Seriously, what are you people smoking in the Politico offices?

On immigration, he stresses border security over amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Excuse me, border security?  Didn’t Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder just file a lawsuit in federal court AGAINST Arizona’s enforcement of border security?

But on the issues voters care most about — the economy, jobs and spending — Obama has shown himself to be a Big Government liberal.

But, you just said the president transcends ideology and is a centrist?  Which is it: centrist or “Big Government liberal”?  Never mind, we already know the answer.  You apparently are oblivious.

What is Obamaism? Conservatives think he stands for backdoor socialism. Liberals think he is a sell-out. Independents think he is a president with no clear compass who is breaking the bank with excessive spending.

The Conservatives and independents are both right.  And, liberals whine even when they’re in charge.  In fact, they whine louder when in power.

Numerous Democrats have complained privately that Obama cares only about Obama — a view reinforced by Gibbs’s public admission that Democrats could lose the House.

You guys really need to read more and watch MSNBC less.  Try googling “narcissism” and “Obama”, you get about 5 trillion hits!

In what would surprise media critics outside Washington, many reporters don’t much like Obama or his gang, either. They accurately perceive the contempt with which they are held by his White House, an attitude that undoubtedly flows from the top. Insults and blustery nonresponses, F-bombs flying, are common in how West Wing aides speak to reporters.

And, yet gentlemen, despite their contempt of ink-stained wretches you continue to peddle the floor-level debris originating in the Augean Stables of the Obama White House.

Democrats privately complain that the real power center — the West Wing staff — isn’t nearly as impressive. A common gripe on the Hill and on the lobbying corridor is that the communications team isn’t great at communicating, the speechwriting team isn’t great at writing speeches (exemplified by Obama’s flaccid Oval Office speech last month on the BP spill and energy policy) and the political team often botches the politics.

So, The One surrounded himself with failures and you’re stunned… stunned!… that the stench of failure permeates this administration?  Aren’t these the geniuses you were so enamored with during the presidential campaign?

Didn’t this president give MSNBC’s Chris Matthews a “tingly leg”?  And, didn’t Newsweek’s Evan Thomas state that Obama “is sort of God”? 

No wonder the media is less trusted than the government.

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