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Governor Clueless Digs a Deeper Hole

Is this hole too deep?

The first rule of holes is stop digging.  Governor Patrick Quinn (D-IL), recently dubbed “Governor Clueless” by the Chicago Tribune, is immune to such common sense.

Quinn dug himself a huge hole by calling on Illinoisans to share in the pain of budget cutting.  Then he not only didn’t cut the budget, Quinn gave his staffers large raises!  With leadership like that Illinoisans will soon be yearning for the return of impeached and indicted former Governor Rod Blagojevich (D-IL).

Not content to leave bad enough alone, Quinn decided to explain his actions so the public could better understand the situation — with predictable results.

The Chicago Tribune reports via Associated Press:

Quinn was asked at a bill-signing event at a suburban Chicago farmers market Saturday why he gave the raises to his staff if he was planning to cut pay…

He said that in order to fill vacancies he had to promote people and increase their salaries, including Budget Director David Vaught, who got a 20 percent raise in October when he moved to his new position from Quinn’s staff, where he was a senior adviser.

While many of the increases went to people with new jobs or more duties, about one-third of the raises were simply described as salary adjustments.

(Aside: The “bill signing event” referred to an appearance where Quinn signed a new state law allowing food assistance clients to use their debit cards at farmer’s markets.  Promoting vegetable consumption is a high priority to Quinn.  C’mon, plugging multi-billion dollar budget holes is so ten minutes ago.)

So, Governor “Clueless” rationalizes big raises for his staff by saying they were just filling vacancies.  Uh huh, vacancies in positions with larger salaries – set by the Governor – and higher pension obligations.  But, many were just straight-up raises without promotions.

Is lying second nature to Democrat governors of Illinois?

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07/18/2010 at 2:20 pm

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