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ChiTrib: Illinois’ Governor Clueless

In an earlier KEN’S TEN post (“NYT: Land of Obama Drowning in Red Ink“), I noted that even the New York Times smelled something rotten in Illinois — besides the Asian Carp.  The State of Illinois has stopped paying bills for the simple reason that they have no money.

Now the Chicago Tribune reports that Governor Patrick Quinn (D-IL) rewarded his staff for this tour de force of public administration with large raises.  How do Democrats sleep at night?

The Chicago Tribune editorial board notes that it took a Freedom of Information Act request by the Associated Press — yes, that AP — to discover what Quinn had done. The AP found that the governor gave 43 salary increases averaging 11.4 percent to 35 staffers. 

Question to AP reporter: Were you really investigating a Democrat governor in the Land of Obama?  And, do your bosses know?

Quinn’s response to the AP story:

We have fewer people doing more, and that’s what the public wants.”

The Tribune’s retorts in rather incredulous fashion:

Fewer people doing more? The AP said payroll records list 124 employees in the governor’s office and affiliated budget office in May, compared to 125 in July 2009 and 122 in February 2009, just after Quinn took office.

And that debunking of Quinn’s claim may not be the end of the story: The AP also reported that dozens of employees reporting to the governor’s office are paid by other agencies under Quinn’s control.

By the way, what happened to the “transparency in government ” so beloved by Democrats — when attacking Republicans?  It took a FOIA request by AP to find out the truth.

The Tribune goes even further in their newfound conservative zeal:

So much for the governor’s assertions in a news conference last week that his administration is a keen steward of taxpayer dollars. Remember, this is the governor who, rather than reshaping how state government spends, wants to extract billions more in taxes from his citizens. He also wants to add another $3.7 billion in payments to state pension funds to the outstanding debts and unfunded retirement obligations those citizens already must cover.  (emphasis added)

No wonder the New York Times article quoted a source who referred to Illinois as the “Greece on Lake Michigan”. 

Is this Quinn jamoch for real?  Yes, he’s all too real.  He’s also running neck-and-neck with his Republican opponent State Senator Bill Brady in recent opinion polls.

Question for Governor Quinn: Have you heard of a guy named Jon Corzine?  

Corzine used to be the Democrat Governor of New Jersey.  He and his Dem friends ran their state the same way Quinn and his Dem friends are running Illinois. That is, until Corzine got electorally spanked by Republican Chris Christie last November.

If Quinn is reelected: Will the last sane person leaving Illinois, please turn off the lights?


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