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LVRJ: Obamanomics Sucks

President Obama was in Las Vegas today shilling… er, campaigning… for US Senator Harry Reid (D-NV).  The Las Vegas Review Journal uses the president’s visit as an opportunity to take him to task for his economic policies. 

The newspaper’s lead editorial is entitled “Welcome Back, Mr President: Your Economic Policies Suck”.

The editors describe a litany of terrible Obama Administration policies and the havoc they have wrought on Las Vegas — and the nation. 

Las Vegas and Nevada have one of the highest unemployment rates in the US at 14.1%.  The Review Journal properly notes that this figure is an understatement of the real situation.  They refer to Las Vegas as “ground zero of the Great Recession”.

The editors question Mr. Obama’s policies on health care, illegal immigration, cap and trade, VAT, bailouts and card check.  And, they quite correctly don’t see an upside to any of them. The editorial is a succinct and devastating criticism. 

The Republican Party should craft talking points from this editorial and pound that message home throughout the months preceding the November 2nd election.  The worst thing the GOP could do is follow a “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” mentality.  This needs to be repeated ad infinitum by every Republican congressional candidate.

IMHO, the best salvo shot across the S.S. Obama’s bow is the following:

Nevadans have a long tradition as hard-working frontier entrepreneurs. Nevadans would rather have a real, private-sector job than a handout. How many of your high-level appointees have any experience creating such jobs, Mr. President? Do you see that as a problem?

The answer of course is: No, he doesn’t.  And, that’s what really sucks about Obamanomics.


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Written by kensten

07/09/2010 at 5:00 pm

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