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DemCorps Poll: Majority of Voters See Obama as “Socialist” and “Too Liberal”

"I just want to spread the wealth around." -- Senator Barack Obama

If you read about a poll that found most American voters think President Obama is a “socialist” and “too liberal”, you’d assume it came from the Republican National Committee, some neo-con think tank or even Rassmussen Reports, right?

Well, think again.  These results were found by Democracy Corps, the partnership of liberal pollsters and Clintonistas James Carville and Stan Greenberg.  The survey asked likely voters to respond to the terms as they apply to the president.

Fox News, among many news outlets, are reporting the sad facts.  It seems 55% of Americans think the term “socialist” applies “very well” or “well” to Mr. Obama.  And, 56% agree the phrase “too liberal” applies “very well” or “well”.

Now since, 55-56% of Americans don’t self-identify as Republicans or conservatives, this means the Democrat head of state has a major problem with moderates, independents, and… gasp… even Democrats.

What’s the proof of that statement?  A liberal polling firm would be asking these questions only if they thought there might be a problem. There must have been something in the wind that the well-tuned noses (to public opinion) of Messrs. Carville and Greenberg sniffed.  Where there is smoke, there is fire.  And, they logically wanted to ascertain the extent of the flames.

Democrats can’t explain away the results. The survey respondents aren’t just reacting to RNC attacks — because neither the RNC nor any national GOP leader uses the term “socialist” in relation to Mr. Obama.  You also can’t lay this feeling at the feet of talk radio hosts, because 55-56% of likely voters don’t listen to talk radio.

In the world of politics, perception is reality.  The American electorate is not reacting to propoganda.  They are judging Mr. Obama on the actions of an elected leader who promised to be a “centrist” and a “uniter”.  Of course, the president is neither a centrist nor a uniting figure.

Bottom line: A lot of Americans are “all wee-wee’d up” with President Obama.  But, he’s not up for election until 2012.  So, it’s his party that will likely pay the price in November 2010.


NOTE: I try to link readers to the original reporting source on an article at the Jump.  But, I visited the Democracy Corps website and couldn’t find the poll results.  It certainly wasn’t on their “Featured Content” or “Public Polling” pages when I wrote the post. 

So, I refer you instead to the Fox News link.


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