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Gallup: Republicans, Conservatives Most Patriotic Americans

 File this bit of news under “Liberals are always surprised by the truth”.

Just in time for the Independence Day holiday, Gallup reports what Republicans and Conservatives already knew.  We feel much more patriotic about the United States than do our Democrat and Liberal compatriots… er, fellow citizens.

According to the poll results, 52% of self-identified Republicans called themselves “extremely patriotic” (up from 32% in 2005) along with 48% of Conservatives (up from 33%).  Meanwhile, 20% of Democrats called themselves “extremely patriotic” (down from 22% in 2010) in near tandem with 19% of Liberals (down from 23%).  In comparison, 22% of self-described Independents called themselves “extremely patriotic” along with 30% of Moderates.

The other side of the patriotism coin was just as interesting.  14% of Liberals and 11% of Democrats called themselves “not especially patriotic”.  This is in stark contrast to the 2% of Conservatives and less than 0.5% of Republicans who described themselves the same way.  Only 5% of Independents and Moderates called themselves “not especially patriotic.”

Put another way, Republicans and Conservatives are more than twice as likely as Democrats and Liberals to be extremely patriotic.  And, Liberals and Democrats are from five to twenty times more likely to be “not especially patriotic”.

That’s not spin from the RNC or talk radio hosts.  Those are facts verified by the media’s favorite pollster.

I’m surprised Gallup didn’t report the poll results as “unexpected.”


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Written by kensten

07/08/2010 at 1:41 am

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