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NYT: Land of Obama Drowning in Red Ink

Things are looking very dire in the Land of Obama.  The New York Times reports that Illinois Comptroller Dan Hynes (D-IL) has stopped paying the state’s bills.  The Comptroller is the elected “chief accountant” for the state government.  So, he qualifies as an expert on this issue.

Should we blame Arizona legislators, the BP oil spill or that pesky Ghana soccer team?  No wait, it would have to be Bush 43’s fault, right? Surprisingly (to liberals) it is none of the above.

Well it takes many paragraphs but the New York Times does get to the nub of the matter.  It turns out the state legislature is dominated by… wait for it… Democrats.  And, they just aren’t getting the job done.

For years, the Democratic-controlled legislature has passed budgets that are, in effect, in deficit.  Lawmakers routinely skip around the state’s balanced-budget law, with few consequences.

Don’t you love the use of the phrase “in effect”.  As if there was any doubt about the meaning of the term “deficit”.

And you just knew the Times has the solution to the problem.

…its dysfunctional political class refuses to pay the state’s bills and refuses to take the painful steps — cuts and tax increases — to close a deficit of at least $12 billion, equal to nearly half the state’s budget.

Aside: Did the New York Times just call Illinois’ Democrat leaders a “dysfunctional political class”?  That’s not exactly smart marketing by a newspaper that just rolled out a Chicago edition.

Once again, the liberal cure for excessive spending by liberals includes tax increases for everyone.  If they were in the mood to make spending cuts, where would these Democrat leaders cut?  The state spends nada, zip, bupkus on their usual target: national defense.

The Times needn’t worry.  The word is out: the Democrat-controlled state legislature will increase the income tax (among others) after the November 2nd election… when they’ve been safely re-elected in their gerrymandered districts.


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